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CHARACTER PROFILES: TK WintersSeptember 16, 2010

TK WintersIs he a just a simpleminded, aging slacker? Or is he the personification of chaos?

TK is part sociopath, part manchild, part ringleader, and according to him, “all kinds of awesome”. He works full time nights at the video store, and plays guitar.

However, his true passion appears to be needling and bullying the people around him. He is extremely set in his ways and creates endless conflict with others, especially his friends, as he struggles to mold the world according to his wishes.

He has hinted at a colorful past as a ladies man and troublemaker. He seems to be threatened by Abigail’s arrival at the store; he often locks horns with her, with neither TK nor Abigail wanting to back down.

TK insists on being the center of attention; it’s unclear how much of his eccentric behavior is real, and how much is simply an effort to be noticed or entertain himself.

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