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CHARACTER PROFILES: Harley ShmidtAugust 27, 2010

Harley ShmidtHarley Shmidt works as a pizza delivery person, hostess and waitress at Tubby’s Pizza. She is attractive but surly, and speaks very little, refusing to manufacture the slightest bit of artificial enthusiasm or politeness with anyone.

She grows even less enthusiastic when Oscar pesters her with phone calls, which is several times every week. His efforts to bond with her and impress her fail completely, but infuriate Harley. She explodes with anger at him every so often, when she grows tired of his clownish behaviour.

Harley’s least favorite person, however, is probably Penelope, who hates Harley at first sight and seems to think Harley is interested in Oscar romantically. Penelope provokes Harley at every opportunity, and has pushed her to the point of violence at least once.

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