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Monthly Update: Welcome to Creepyville.March 28, 2011

Whoa. It’s been just over a month, once again, since the last blog update.

The next episode, “Abigail’s Birthday”, has been written and is undergoing a quick polish before it goes out to the actors. Rough animation is underway, too…there are some fun new characters guest starring, and I’m wild about the story.

It’s pretty complex, stucture-wise, and the cast separates into separate adventures. We’ll see how well it works in the end, but this is going to be the busiest, fastest paced adventure so far!

Lately I’ve found another great online cartoon. This guy is great. He’s got interesting (and slightly disturbing) characters (the voices are fantastic), and it’s hilariously creepy, both the writing and character design.

It’s called “Welcome to Creepyville”.

Take a trip to Creepyville!

Penelope’s Movie MinuteFebruary 23, 2011

As always, to watch the newest episode, go to the right and click on the top picture!

Most of the full length episodes have been squeezed into the archives!

It’s a thrill to be finishing a couple of these shows. I’m finding them to be alot of fun, and faster to finish lately.

Weekend at Bernie’s is one of my favorite movies.

There. I said it.

The whole thing just WORKS. Very likable characters, and a hilarious premise that does exactly what you want it to do. Not a flick that lent itself well to a sequel, unfortunately….but it’s been quite awhile…maybe we can look forward to “Weekend at Bernie’s 3…The Rotting”!

Hmmm….I gotta go.       *opening screenwriting program*

The Last PieceFebruary 5, 2011

New short, “The Last Piece”, has been posted. Enjoy!

….But save a little for the group, okay?

Every episode teaches me something. This one makes me laugh at the end (gives me that elusive automatic reaction of laughter, definitely a good sign), but the script could’ve used some cutting up front…takes too long to get to a point that could have been reached MUCH more quickly.

All good – and yet ANOTHER great reason to do the short episodes between the longer ones. The mechanics of putting a story together (not to mention the visual and auditory aspects!) are somewhat the same.

Gives a chance to woodshed a bit and get better at this!

All the best,


Dang!January 13, 2011

My friend, collaborator and online mentor Tom told me several times that updating a blog weekly is necessary to allow people to find it. It makes good sense…who wants to visit a site that never has anything new?

Somehow, though, MONTHS have slipped away. It’s quite strange because the Typical Strange series occupies the majority of my thoughts and efforts! It’s hard to get to sleep sometimes, my mind is so abuzz with stories, scripts, illustration and various other particulars regarding Oscar, Abigail, TK, Penelope, Harley and Wade.

With time off for the holidays, most of my working time has been on finishing production on the next episode, Big Dreams, and writing and editing the next block of stories.  In addition to that, I have five shorts in the hopper, just waiting for me to grab a couple voices and then do the final animation/lip sync. It’s been a busy time, really, but I’ve utterly neglected the site!

Luckily nobody’s really watching. Yet. For those who are, let me just say “Hello!” and “Thank you for being here!”

In any case, I recently found an online cartoon that, not including the occasional holiday or special project, updates EVERY WEEK with an animated episode. Amazing. It looks good, too. It’s called DORALEOUS and ASSOCIATES, and judging from the couple episodes I watched, it’s quite funny…and well drawn. Well produced in general, actually, with music, and…well, more on that in another post!

I also found it inspiring that these guys are able to do what they do every week! I’ll talk more about that in an animation/illustration-specific way in the other post.

But suffice to say, it really was a powerful wake up call to me, that says “It IS possible to do this kind of thing much faster, and with quality!”

It CAN be done!

Thanks, Doraleous and Associates! And well done!

Hey, Happy New Year, too!


A New Short!October 31, 2010

Still postin’! I wanted to finish a new vid before posting anything.

This one features MUCH less movement (“They Barely Move!”). I’m trying that out, style-wise (does that count as ‘style’? Sure it does!)

I’ve wrestled quite a bit with the question of whether 20 minute episodes are a good idea. Do people have the patience, online, to watch videos that long? Still not sure.

Going to a much shorter format definitely reduces the workload for everybody involved, and allows people to give the series a chance. Oddly enough, they’re harder to write.

Check out the new short, “A Dying Industry”, featuring David Goldfarb doing a great, really funny job as the antagonistic customer.

Enjoy, and Happy Halloween!

TimeSeptember 27, 2010

time TIME time time TIME tImE time TiMe…

That’s the cacophany that’s ringing in my head this morning. How it slips away, man! The months that have gone by since last episode!  There’s been lots of activity in the meantime, of course. 

I guess that’s the point. There’s plenty to keep the days busy and full of tasks and distractions.  I find myself shocked, though, at how these months have disappeared!  There are a whack of shorts written. The next couple of full length episodes are in pretty good shape, but maybe need a little more revision. Lately I’ve been devoting myself to the shorts (and to outside obligations, annoyingly! haha). 

Anyway, we soldier on! More to come, soon!

InterviewedSeptember 23, 2010

A slightly belated thanks to Lindsey Torma for having me on her radio show on monday. I had a good time, Lindsey, and you know I like the show!  Hope we can work together again soon and let those wacky voices of yours come out!

It was a real treat to be able to talk about this stuff now , at the beginning of the site/series.

Character redesigns, more writing, and etceteraJuly 20, 2010


A few months ago, while I was SLOWLY plugging away at another script, a couple of emails with Sarah inspired me to put together some SHORTS featuring Penelope and her web cam. The first one is finished, and took me three days to do, with sound editing, animation and rendering. It features a redesigned Penelope! For my money, her new look is just great. Seeing that smile of hers, I can’t help but smile myself.

Evolution! You gotta love it!
Here’s the new Penelope:

BIG DREAMS is about one third complete, I’d say. It’s coming. Look for more shorts, featuring Penelope as well as the other characters, in the meantime!

Writing-wise, there are TWO scripts that have reached maturity. A few hours of typing and then editing on each one, and they’ll be ready to give to the actors! The writer Orson Scott Card said that it takes several MONTHS of gestating in a writer’s mind for a story to be ready. As much as I’d like all of this to move more quickly, I’m finding that that seems to be true. With both new scripts, I’ve just recently made important connections about completing the story! The Baby Daddy now has a climax that grows out of the characters, and My Feral Laddie has a funny and PERFECT bit with Abigail and TK that I can’t wait to show!

Writing UpdateApril 29, 2010

Today we went live. BIG DREAMS, the next Typical Strange episode, is coming along. The animatic is done and I’m drawing the “good copy” animation as we speak! Look for the astonishing conclusion of “Typical Strange: the Beginning” as soon as I can wrangle Dave to record a couple lines of dialogue.

This is so exciting!