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AUGH! AUUUGH!August 2, 2012

I can’t believe it’s been nearly a year since the last post. That’s crazy…particularly for someone who’s online daily and is still consumed most of the time with Typical Strange (among other things, but still…!)

The comic is updating several times most weeks, and I’ve just GOT to get back to the animation! Still so many stories to tell!

Really, that’s why I went to the comics instead…the workload for an animated show is so huge, and I started fearing I wouldn’t LIVE long enough to tell all the silly little tales featuring Abigail, Oscar, Penelope, Harley, Wade and TK.

But animation…they MOVE. They TALK.

And the actors…how great are they (myself aside, maybe: I just rewatched the old episodes and some of it’s pretty terrible on my part…haha. Viva l’ego…I’m not firing myself yet!)

Anyway, if you need online editing service, check out over in the links section!

And I hope to get back here sooner than a year, this time.

Bye for now!


Penelope’s Plasticine Theater #1September 11, 2011

A long while back Sarah recorded some shorts to pass the time between episodes.

Of course, all this stuff ended up taking me way longer to put together…the shorts

But here’s the first plasticine theater short, at long last!

Penelope’s Beautiful Dress

Testing…May 29, 2011

Penelope’s movie minute #3 is here! It’s called “You Gotta Move”.

I know it appears, all nice and slick, in the vids beside the blog posts.

But I wanted to try posting into the blog post itself.

Just to see.

Y’know. For kicks.

Let’s watch…


Bye for now!

Penelope’s Movie Minute – “You Gotta Move”

Big DreamsJanuary 28, 2011

So finally, the latest episode is in the can! Check out “Big Dreams”. In this one, Abigail finds herself having…disturbing dreams about another character.

Big, big ups, props and ‘kuds to the cast. You guys are great!