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CHARACTER PROFILES: Harley ShmidtAugust 27, 2010

Harley ShmidtHarley Shmidt works as a pizza delivery person, hostess and waitress at Tubby’s Pizza. She is attractive but surly, and speaks very little, refusing to manufacture the slightest bit of artificial enthusiasm or politeness with anyone.

She grows even less enthusiastic when Oscar pesters her with phone calls, which is several times every week. His efforts to bond with her and impress her fail completely, but infuriate Harley. She explodes with anger at him every so often, when she grows tired of his clownish behaviour.

Harley’s least favorite person, however, is probably Penelope, who hates Harley at first sight and seems to think Harley is interested in Oscar romantically. Penelope provokes Harley at every opportunity, and has pushed her to the point of violence at least once.

CHARACTER PROFILES: Abigail McCormickAugust 25, 2010

Abigail McCormickAbigail McCormick is the manager of the Movie Pit. She’s somewhat prim and proper, though her temper often betrays her icy demeanor. She is committed to running a tight ship at the video store, and keeping Oscar and TK productive.

She has a soft spot for the guys, and becomes fast friends with Oscar, though she is driven and serious while he is goofy and soft. TK, on the other hand, pushes Abigail’s buttons relentlessly, and the conflict between the two is a proverbial time bomb.

Abigail has a long distance boyfriend named Cal, whom she’s never met in person.

CHARACTER PROFILES: Oscar StrangeAugust 22, 2010

Oscar StrangeOscar Strange is a long-time clerk at the Movie Pit. He spends a good deal of his time devouring movies, and dreaming about women, especially Harley, the sexy pizza delivery girl.

Oscar’s a bit of a clown, and seems to function as a chew toy for the abusive tendencies of the people around him. But he cares about his friends, and probably enjoys their eccentricities.

He has a strong suspicion that all is not as it seems in his comfortable little world, and is fairly sure that he’s being WATCHED. By whom, or to what end, he couldn’t say.

Oscar quickly bonds with Abigail when she comes to work at the store.

Character redesigns, more writing, and etceteraJuly 20, 2010


A few months ago, while I was SLOWLY plugging away at another script, a couple of emails with Sarah inspired me to put together some SHORTS featuring Penelope and her web cam. The first one is finished, and took me three days to do, with sound editing, animation and rendering. It features a redesigned Penelope! For my money, her new look is just great. Seeing that smile of hers, I can’t help but smile myself.

Evolution! You gotta love it!
Here’s the new Penelope:

BIG DREAMS is about one third complete, I’d say. It’s coming. Look for more shorts, featuring Penelope as well as the other characters, in the meantime!

Writing-wise, there are TWO scripts that have reached maturity. A few hours of typing and then editing on each one, and they’ll be ready to give to the actors! The writer Orson Scott Card said that it takes several MONTHS of gestating in a writer’s mind for a story to be ready. As much as I’d like all of this to move more quickly, I’m finding that that seems to be true. With both new scripts, I’ve just recently made important connections about completing the story! The Baby Daddy now has a climax that grows out of the characters, and My Feral Laddie has a funny and PERFECT bit with Abigail and TK that I can’t wait to show!

Secret Door Productions: They barely move!April 17, 2010

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