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You Gotta Move – Penelope’s Movie Minute #3May 29, 2011

My love for comedy is matched by my love of SCARY stuff. This Movie Minute has a small element of the SCARY. OOOooOOOooh!

Sarah is really funny in this one, once again, and I’m glad to have finally finished animating it!

I feel the same way as Penelope does when i watch the film she watches…it’s powerful, powerful stuff!

See you again soon!

I Gotta Post Monthly. So here’s “May”May 27, 2011

I gotta post monthly, at least. Since weekly has just not happened yet!

The animation work is going fine, with the roughs for episode 5 (the action packed dramatic thriller called “Abigail’s Birthday” and the lip sync for another Penelope Movie Minute coming along great.

The Movie Minute requires a little background music, which oughtta be finished this weekend. Then, the rest of the lip sync and smaller animation touches, and BOOM! Twelve short years later, another 2 minute short! YES!

These movie minutes, along with the other shorts, have been on the back of the proverbial shelf, with my mind wandering to other things…but MUEY MUEY SOON, another movie minute’ll be done. FINALLY!

One Murky BlogApril 24, 2011

Why can I accept “the Muppets” as real, but cannot be engaged by much of the digital wizardry of CGI-fueled blockbusters? No matter how brilliant the artistry?

I don’t know. But 1995 called; it wants its filmmaking article back.

This blogging thing is still not in my bones. Because I haven’t let it happen. However, I HAVE to do more on here. This stuff occupies ALL my waking thoughts.

It’s better than it was a couple years ago…then the stories were occupying me constantly, too, but there was NOTHING to watch.

It takes awhile.

The newest episode, “Abigail’s Birthday”, is being drawn. Piece by piece. Digitally, by the way. Without the artistic brilliance, natch!

It’s a big two-parter, which I wanted to edit down to a tight twenty minutes…but it seemed more fun to keep everything in there and enjoy the journey a little more. (ahhhh, the lack of writing discipline that this format allows! What a glorious thing!)

…and double “ahhhh” for the lack of writing discipline that went into this post.

But I did one!


Have a great day!

Penelope’s Movie MinuteFebruary 23, 2011

As always, to watch the newest episode, go to the right and click on the top picture!

Most of the full length episodes have been squeezed into the archives!

It’s a thrill to be finishing a couple of these shows. I’m finding them to be alot of fun, and faster to finish lately.

Weekend at Bernie’s is one of my favorite movies.

There. I said it.

The whole thing just WORKS. Very likable characters, and a hilarious premise that does exactly what you want it to do. Not a flick that lent itself well to a sequel, unfortunately….but it’s been quite awhile…maybe we can look forward to “Weekend at Bernie’s 3…The Rotting”!

Hmmm….I gotta go.       *opening screenwriting program*

The Last PieceFebruary 5, 2011

New short, “The Last Piece”, has been posted. Enjoy!

….But save a little for the group, okay?

Every episode teaches me something. This one makes me laugh at the end (gives me that elusive automatic reaction of laughter, definitely a good sign), but the script could’ve used some cutting up front…takes too long to get to a point that could have been reached MUCH more quickly.

All good – and yet ANOTHER great reason to do the short episodes between the longer ones. The mechanics of putting a story together (not to mention the visual and auditory aspects!) are somewhat the same.

Gives a chance to woodshed a bit and get better at this!

All the best,


A New Short!October 31, 2010

Still postin’! I wanted to finish a new vid before posting anything.

This one features MUCH less movement (“They Barely Move!”). I’m trying that out, style-wise (does that count as ‘style’? Sure it does!)

I’ve wrestled quite a bit with the question of whether 20 minute episodes are a good idea. Do people have the patience, online, to watch videos that long? Still not sure.

Going to a much shorter format definitely reduces the workload for everybody involved, and allows people to give the series a chance. Oddly enough, they’re harder to write.

Check out the new short, “A Dying Industry”, featuring David Goldfarb doing a great, really funny job as the antagonistic customer.

Enjoy, and Happy Halloween!

InterviewedSeptember 23, 2010

A slightly belated thanks to Lindsey Torma for having me on her radio show on monday. I had a good time, Lindsey, and you know I like the show!  Hope we can work together again soon and let those wacky voices of yours come out!

It was a real treat to be able to talk about this stuff now , at the beginning of the site/series.

CHARACTER PROFILES: TK WintersSeptember 16, 2010

TK WintersIs he a just a simpleminded, aging slacker? Or is he the personification of chaos?

TK is part sociopath, part manchild, part ringleader, and according to him, “all kinds of awesome”. He works full time nights at the video store, and plays guitar.

However, his true passion appears to be needling and bullying the people around him. He is extremely set in his ways and creates endless conflict with others, especially his friends, as he struggles to mold the world according to his wishes.

He has hinted at a colorful past as a ladies man and troublemaker. He seems to be threatened by Abigail’s arrival at the store; he often locks horns with her, with neither TK nor Abigail wanting to back down.

TK insists on being the center of attention; it’s unclear how much of his eccentric behavior is real, and how much is simply an effort to be noticed or entertain himself.

CHARACTER PROFILES: Penelope WintersSeptember 2, 2010

Penelope WintersPenelope is enthusiastic, upbeat and happy. Her exuberance can be quite traumatic to those around her; Penelope’s boundless energy tends to be destructive, given her extra large size and level of aggression.

Penelope is TK’s younger sister, and she worships her brother. She is obsessed with Oscar and considers
him her boyfriend, even though he hasn’t agreed to a relationship.
Penelope’s thought processes can be confusing; she often speaks in nonsequiturs. Where Penelope was before coming to live with her brother is somewhat mysterious; she has not shared everything about her recent past.

CHARACTER PROFILES: Wade RussellAugust 29, 2010

Wade RussellWade is a thick-headed, quick tempered security guard at the mall beside the Movie Pit. He has a juvenile sense of humor and can be difficult to handle when angry. Wade considers TK to be his best friend, and worships him for reasons unknown.

The great joys in Wade’s life are drinking beer, lifting weights, and taking part in anything TK is involved in.

Wade dislikes Oscar, and torments and abuses him at every opportunity.

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