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Oscar’s Blog – Harley. NiiiiiiceAugust 5, 2010


So Harley came in to the store today. Niiiiiice.

You know, I find it quite interesting that she keeps coming in here throughout the week. Of course, she claims it’s because I keep ordering food from her. But there are certainly OTHER pizza delivery people working there, right? It doesn’t HAVE to be Harley every day, does it? Is it just a coincidence that she happens to be the delivery worker on shift when I call? (note to self: She starts work at 3:00 tomorrow)

Oscar and HarleyAnyway, I had a chance to engage in another flirty little convo with her this afternoon. How did it go? Well, see for yourself in my transcription of of our conversation…

Me: Hey there, you! Hey there!

Harley: ummhunh.

Me: Whatcha got there, pizza?

Harley: (unintelligible, sounded vaguely profane)

Me: Hey?

Harley: It’s the food you ordered.

Me: Isn’t that something. So how you doing on this glorious day, my dear?

Harley: Nuff’n.

Me: You’re…?

Harley: Nothin’.

Me: No, I said HOW are you doing, not–

Harley: You have to pay for this.

Me: Oh, I know. I-

Harley: I need a tip, too. Twenty percent.

Me: Oh. Well, I guess I could.

Harley: Gimme that. Okay, that’s good.

Me: So, what’s shakin’ this weekend, anyway? Any big plans, or-?

(Harley leaves, muttering something unintelligible again).

Our little courtship dance continues!