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All Hail the Webmaster!September 27, 2010

Have to take this moment, near the beginning, to give a huge kudo to Tom,  who makes all this magical website stuff happen. He went through the trenches to do this, and I’m thrilled with it!

Tom’s the facilitator. It’s great to have ideas and desires and to create stuff (which Tom does, too, in a big way; check out the music project and blog  he spearheads, and listen to him play…this dude ROCKS!) but he also knows how to make all these ideas a reality! And he has the drive to do it.

Like a producer, agent, manager, and distributor in one caustic person, Tom’s the one who allows these scribbles to exist outside of a few scattered clips on youtube. Thanks to him, Typical Strange will develop an identity! Well…as I slowly bring my blogging abilities to life and push forward with more content, that is. But all that stuff has a place to GO, now!

Big, big thanks to you, my friend!

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  1. I’m touched. Thanks Sean. Glad to be a part of something creative that comes from your quirky (like mine) sense of humour It’ll be great to see this grow.

    Thanks for the thanks, and, caustic I am. I’m like a slow burning acid that you love, even as it eats a hole in your brain. Not offended by the apt description.

    Comment by Tom — October 6, 2010 @ 11:34 pm

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