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Testing…May 29, 2011

Penelope’s movie minute #3 is here! It’s called “You Gotta Move”.

I know it appears, all nice and slick, in the vids beside the blog posts.

But I wanted to try posting into the blog post itself.

Just to see.

Y’know. For kicks.

Let’s watch…


Bye for now!

Penelope’s Movie Minute – “You Gotta Move”

You Gotta Move – Penelope’s Movie Minute #3

My love for comedy is matched by my love of SCARY stuff. This Movie Minute has a small element of the SCARY. OOOooOOOooh!

Sarah is really funny in this one, once again, and I’m glad┬áto have finally finished animating it!

I feel the same way as Penelope does when i watch the film she watches…it’s powerful, powerful stuff!

See you again soon!

I Gotta Post Monthly. So here’s “May”May 27, 2011

I gotta post monthly, at least. Since weekly has just not happened yet!

The animation work is going fine, with the roughs for episode 5 (the action packed dramatic thriller called “Abigail’s Birthday” and the lip sync for another Penelope Movie Minute coming along great.

The Movie Minute requires a little background music, which oughtta be finished this weekend. Then, the rest of the lip sync and smaller animation touches, and BOOM! Twelve short years later, another 2 minute short! YES!

These movie minutes, along with the other shorts, have been on the back of the proverbial shelf, with my mind wandering to other things…but MUEY MUEY SOON, another movie minute’ll be done. FINALLY!