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One Murky BlogApril 24, 2011

Why can I accept “the Muppets” as real, but cannot be engaged by much of the digital wizardry of CGI-fueled blockbusters? No matter how brilliant the artistry?

I don’t know. But 1995 called; it wants its filmmaking article back.

This blogging thing is still not in my bones. Because I haven’t let it happen. However, I HAVE to do more on here. This stuff occupies ALL my waking thoughts.

It’s better than it was a couple years ago…then the stories were occupying me constantly, too, but there was NOTHING to watch.

It takes awhile.

The newest episode, “Abigail’s Birthday”, is being drawn. Piece by piece. Digitally, by the way. Without the artistic brilliance, natch!

It’s a big two-parter, which I wanted to edit down to a tight twenty minutes…but it seemed more fun to keep everything in there and enjoy the journey a little more. (ahhhh, the lack of writing discipline that this format allows! What a glorious thing!)

…and double “ahhhh” for the lack of writing discipline that went into this post.

But I did one!


Have a great day!