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Monthly Update: Welcome to Creepyville.March 28, 2011

Whoa. It’s been just over a month, once again, since the last blog update.

The next episode, “Abigail’s Birthday”, has been written and is undergoing a quick polish before it goes out to the actors. Rough animation is underway, too…there are some fun new characters guest starring, and I’m wild about the story.

It’s pretty complex, stucture-wise, and the cast separates into separate adventures. We’ll see how well it works in the end, but this is going to be the busiest, fastest paced adventure so far!

Lately I’ve found another great online cartoon. This guy is great. He’s got interesting (and slightly disturbing) characters (the voices are fantastic), and it’s hilariously creepy, both the writing and character design.

It’s called “Welcome to Creepyville”.

Take a trip to Creepyville!