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TimeSeptember 27, 2010

time TIME time time TIME tImE time TiMe…

That’s the cacophany that’s ringing in my head this morning. How it slips away, man! The months that have gone by since last episode!  There’s been lots of activity in the meantime, of course. 

I guess that’s the point. There’s plenty to keep the days busy and full of tasks and distractions.  I find myself shocked, though, at how these months have disappeared!  There are a whack of shorts written. The next couple of full length episodes are in pretty good shape, but maybe need a little more revision. Lately I’ve been devoting myself to the shorts (and to outside obligations, annoyingly! haha). 

Anyway, we soldier on! More to come, soon!

All Hail the Webmaster!

Have to take this moment, near the beginning, to give a huge kudo to Tom,  who makes all this magical website stuff happen. He went through the trenches to do this, and I’m thrilled with it!

Tom’s the facilitator. It’s great to have ideas and desires and to create stuff (which Tom does, too, in a big way; check out the music project and blog  he spearheads, and listen to him play…this dude ROCKS!) but he also knows how to make all these ideas a reality! And he has the drive to do it.

Like a producer, agent, manager, and distributor in one caustic person, Tom’s the one who allows these scribbles to exist outside of a few scattered clips on youtube. Thanks to him, Typical Strange will develop an identity! Well…as I slowly bring my blogging abilities to life and push forward with more content, that is. But all that stuff has a place to GO, now!

Big, big thanks to you, my friend!

InterviewedSeptember 23, 2010

A slightly belated thanks to Lindsey Torma for having me on her radio show on monday. I had a good time, Lindsey, and you know I like the show!  Hope we can work together again soon and let those wacky voices of yours come out!

It was a real treat to be able to talk about this stuff now , at the beginning of the site/series.

CHARACTER PROFILES: TK WintersSeptember 16, 2010

TK WintersIs he a just a simpleminded, aging slacker? Or is he the personification of chaos?

TK is part sociopath, part manchild, part ringleader, and according to him, “all kinds of awesome”. He works full time nights at the video store, and plays guitar.

However, his true passion appears to be needling and bullying the people around him. He is extremely set in his ways and creates endless conflict with others, especially his friends, as he struggles to mold the world according to his wishes.

He has hinted at a colorful past as a ladies man and troublemaker. He seems to be threatened by Abigail’s arrival at the store; he often locks horns with her, with neither TK nor Abigail wanting to back down.

TK insists on being the center of attention; it’s unclear how much of his eccentric behavior is real, and how much is simply an effort to be noticed or entertain himself.

CHARACTER PROFILES: Penelope WintersSeptember 2, 2010

Penelope WintersPenelope is enthusiastic, upbeat and happy. Her exuberance can be quite traumatic to those around her; Penelope’s boundless energy tends to be destructive, given her extra large size and level of aggression.

Penelope is TK’s younger sister, and she worships her brother. She is obsessed with Oscar and considers
him her boyfriend, even though he hasn’t agreed to a relationship.
Penelope’s thought processes can be confusing; she often speaks in nonsequiturs. Where Penelope was before coming to live with her brother is somewhat mysterious; she has not shared everything about her recent past.